"When American's put their
minds to it, stuff happens." 
                      - Tom Hanks, Actor

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America's Television Network presents a spectacular assembly of the things that affect our lives. From The White House to Your House, our goal is to reflect the diversity and richness of American culture, lifestyles, and heritage.

ATN's LIVE 24/7, HD ROKU Channel reaches more than 8-million U.S. television households, with another 3-million worldwide. According to Bloomberg News, 167,000 new Roku units are sold each month; adding an additional 2,004,000 viewers every year. In it's first month on Roku, America's Television Network surpassed Disney, NBC News and A&E in viewer ratings; receiving a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  

The Network is also available on one of the Nation's largest contiguous cable systems, known as the Cox, South Orange County, "SuperZone."

Through it's combined Television, Internet and Social Media reach, America's Television Network has achieved over 40,000 viewer engagements, (clicks, views, and/or online impressions), in a single broadcast week.

America's Television Network is the National Network that is surprisingly, Local. Every year, ATN's on-air talent and production crew crisscrosses the Nation to bring you the most vibrant people, places, and events.

On behalf of our entire team, thanks for watching and welcome to:
America's Television Network.